Smart cameras

Vision systems are getting smarter (deep learning) and fully fit into the domain of artificial intelligence. Both in the process industry and in the lab world, smart cameras are making their appearance and we are building more and more machines with Vision tools to promote objectivity and uniformity of the process.
An extra plus is the data that such a system generates: for researchers or process engineers this means a wealth of information that is made available, both for subsequent calculation/analysis and for process optimisation.

In the process industry, vision tools are mainly used for online quality control, pick and place (robot coordinates), reading labels via OCR, barcodes or QR codes, measuring and recognizing objects, shapes, etc.
Our latest development is the 3D FruitSorter which scans strawberries, measures the diameter of the individual fruits and then realizes a sorting of the class.

In the lab world, cameras are used for the detection and analysis of visual aspects such as impacts, the measurement of samples, registration of simulated processes and analysis of objects using 3D scans and photogrammetry.

strawberry classification


Simple smart cameras start with a budget from 3000 euros. 3D cameras can cost up to 100,000 euros.

A preliminary study is essential to determine the most suitable camera with corresponding lighting.

BFP supports you in this. For more information, feel free to schedule an appointment for a no-obligation online meeting.